Gatorade Troll’s LeBron’s Cramps & Hydration Choice in Game 1 of NBA Finals

Game 1 of of the NBA finals is in the books. The most talked about aspects of if were the air conditioning going out in the Spurs AT&T center and LeBron James suffering from cramps. At one point, LeBron’s cramps were so severe, his teammates had to carry him to the bench. Gatorade took the opportunity to troll King James, who happens to have an endorsement deal with the competition, Powerade.



Dwyane Wade, who IS a Gatorade client had a pretty nice game. He even hit Tim Duncan with the dream shake.

Even Kobe Bryant got in on the trolling of which hydrating liquids players use while on the bench. He threw this little haymaker while promoting his “Body Armor” drink.



Pro and college players should be allowed to CHOOSE what sports drink hydrates them the best and not be FORCED to drink LEAGUE SPONSORS. #AthletesChoice 2 much on the line for cramping #UpgradeYourSportsDrink @drinkbodyarmor #AthletesFirst

Spurs take game 1, 110-95.


video via @CJZero