Friday Night Lights: Nets vs. Clippers, Lakers vs. Grizzlies & Knicks vs. Rockets



The NBA took the Thanksgiving holiday off but resumed action on Friday night with X games. One thing was obvious, Having Thanksgiving at home helped with the game plan as the majority of the home teams took their contests. The Spurs of course had to go to Indy and mess up the program for the Pacers and the Hawks ruined my theory with the Bobcats. But Charlotte and Atlanta aren’t that far away so maybe that was the difference. But anyway, on to the rest of the games:

First up, Clippers vs. Nets:

  •  Barclays DJ is LOVE! I love the musical selections. Very different from Staples during a Lakers game where you hear a lot of rock tracks. I’m ok with that but a little more hip-hop in the mix wouldn’t be so bad. Obviously that’s a Jay Z touch cause the Jay and Beyonce mash up – with a lil Destiny’s Child thrown in – was sooo appropriate as he, Bey and Kelly Rowland were courtside for the game.



  • Kelly Rowland Instagramed her feet resting on the hardwood.  Cliché and yet still so bossy. Side note, if you haven’t been paying attention ladies, pointy pumps are BACK after years of platforms.


  • Other notables on hand, Ray Romano, Billy Crystal and singer Mario who not only sung the National Anthem but also performed at halftime. Let me find out the Nets are not only stimulating the Brooklyn economy but resurrecting R&B singers careers!


Meanwhile down in Memphis, my other LA team was facing off against the number one team in the L. Lakers vs. Grizzlies:

  • I already shared that home cooking went almost undefeated on Friday. Weird stuff with D’Antoni at the reigns. Pau sat for an extremely long time with Coach D’Antoni’s reasoning being he wanted to win the game. Afterwards Pau – who was obviously shocked and probably hasn’t sat like that since high school – mentioned that he’d like more touches in the post. Lakers still don’t have a point guard with both Steve Nash and Steve Blake injured.
  • Kobe obviously took over the game but we know at this stage, Mamba scoring all your points usually doesn’t result in the W. He even left the court before the game was over…

  • MThe Grizzlies  have new ownership in place so that means there was some celebrity courtside action there too. Justin Timberlake and his new bride Jessica Biel were posted on the hardwood rocking J’s.



Next up, we stay south and head over to Houston:

  • The Rockets were taking on Jeremy Lin’s old team, the Knicks. The Rockets ran up the score on the Knickerbockers like their name is Jack Taylor – hello the college kid that scored 138 points on Tuesday. The final score, 131- 103. Jeremy Lin’s stat line? 13 points, seven rebounds, three assists and four turnovers.



  • That’s two losses in a row for the Knicks. Are they still looking invincible? Just a question…
  • Not to be out done there was a bit of star power courtside in Houston as well. Texans Arian Foster and Andre Johnson were there as well as “The Voice’s” social media correspondent, Christina Milian.



photos via Instagram

Bey & J