FIU Women’s Basketball Coach Suspended For Allegedly Pursuing Sex with Player

FIU women’s basketball coach Marlin Chinn has been suspended after the captain of the team revealed he loaned her money and tried to start a sexual relationship.

FIU women’s basketball team captain Destini Feagin told the Miami Herald, that Chin – in his first year as head coach – has been pursuing her for most of the season.


Feagin told the newspaper that she filed a complaint with the NCAA, and that she is aware that accepting the $600 loan from Chinn could be a violation that jeopardizes her remaining eligibility.

“The day after I received the money, he called me,” Feagin told the newspaper. “I said, ‘Coach, how could I ever repay you?’ I was thankful, showing gratitude, humbleness. I really appreciated that. He said, ‘You will pay me back. In other ways.’ He said that six times. It’s vivid in my head.”

Feagin said she could tell he was attracted to her and that he would often make inappropriate comments.

“I noticed he had a sexual attraction for me when he started saying perverted things to me,’’ she said. “Commenting on my looks, my body, frame, my breasts, my behind. The way I smile. He would go into detail what his sexual thoughts were.”

Feagin showed the Herald text messages Chinn where he flat out told Feagin he fantasized about her, “I have sexual fantasies about you.”

Feagin says she was suspended for four games because she resisted Chinn’s advances.

FIU is conducting an investigation into the allegations.