Fashion Glance: The NBA & Adidas bring back 90’s hardwood classic uniforms [photos]


90’s fashion is back everywhere. Flat tops, overalls, GOLD, so it makes sense that the NBA would show off a bit of their fashion from the 90’s. Adidas and the NBA are bringing back “Classic Hardwood night” featuring seven teams.

The uniforms – Atlanta Hawks “Spreadwings” home uniform (1998-99 season), Chicago Bulls “Pinstripe” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season), Indiana Pacers “Classic pinstripe” home uniform (1996-97 season), Miami Heat “Deep Red” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season), Milwaukee Bucks “Full Buck” alternate road uniform (1995-96 season), Phoenix Suns “Steaming Sun” alternate road uniform (1994-95 season) and Sacramento Kings “Checkerboard” uniform (1996-97 season)

Which is your favorite?

photos via Adidas