Everything You Need to Know About The Nick Young-D’Angelo Russell Drama

Since it’s April Fools’ Day, let’s recap some foolishness from this week. The internet has been pure flame emojiis after a video leaked to up-and-coming gossip blog Fameolous showed Lakers‘ teammates Nick Young and D’Angelo Russell having a conversation about Nick cheating on his fiancée Iggy.

Next came the story about the Lakers isolating Russell, even moving away from him in breakfast meetings.

D’Angelo has apologized profusely but it’s pretty clear Swaggy P isn’t rolling with forgive and forget. Naturally social media tells the tale.

D’Angelo sat down with teammates on Wednesday to apologize for the video according to the LA Times but, Nick skipped the meeting.

“Everybody accepted his apology,” guard Jordan Clarkson said. “He has to handle it from where it’s at right now. He has to stop worrying about everything. He just has to perform on the court.”

Meanwhile, Nick has been doing a whole lot of tweeting and deleting of his presumed true thoughts on D’Angelo’s apology.

Nick-Young-Tweet Nick-Young-Tweets


He’s also liking memes on Instagram calling D’Angelo a snitch via Complex

Nick-Young-D'Angelo-IG Nick-Young-Dangelo-follow

You can expect this Lakers drama to end up as a plot for a Hollywood storyline at some point. I feel for Nick- he’s likely going to lose his girl and his job via trade. But, if Nick hadn’t went home with the 19-year-old after the club, there’s no story…

Moral of that story. If you’re going to cheat, keep quiet or try not to cheat at all. Considering there have been rumors of Nick cheating throughout their relationship, there’s a change Iggy could stay.

While all that plays out, Iggy dropped a new video for Team. The song is the first single from her upcoming album Digital Distortion which drops in June. The lyrics include things like, “I’m the only friend I need on my team”

Iggy was asked about her status on Twitter Wednesday and she said that she was “chillin right now” and that she wouldn’t want to marry a cheater so if there’s proof, someone would be doing he a favor by posting it.



The question still remains, how did “someone” get their hands on the video to share with Fameolous. The person who runs it shared a few clues.