Eastern Conference Finals set Pacers vs. Heat

Pacers-Starting 5

The Pacers knocked off the Knicks six games to move on to the Eastern Conference finals. Now it’s off to South Beach to face off against the Miami Heat with the first game set for Wednesday, May 22. The Heat will have had almost a week off since ending their last series against the Chicago Bulls in 5 games. The Pacers play team ball and have a true young center in Roy Hibbert. Their starting 5 even took the podium together following the game. Roy Hibbert said they were #TurnedUP and George Hill asked that you gollow him on Twitter @George_Hill3.

I haven’t watched a great deal of Pacers basketball this season – as with most basketball fans, don’t act like you’ve been on board all year – but the Pacers beat the Heat 2 out of the 3 games they played this season.

Game 1 – Wed May 22 Indiana at Miami 8:30PM

Game 2 – Fri May 24 Indiana at Miami 8:30PM

Game 3 – Sun May 26 Miami at Indiana 8:30PM

Game 4 – Tue May 28 Miami at Indiana 8:30PM

Game 5 * Thu May 30 Indiana at Miami 8:30PM

Game 6 * Sat June 1 Miami at Indiana 8:30PM

Game 7 * Mon June 3 Indiana at Miami 8:30PM

All the games will be on TNT.

While the Pacers were battling it out with the Knicks, Lebron and DWade were chilling on the beach, literally. The two were spotted hanging out with their friends and family enjoying their time away.


photo via CJZero