Dwyane Wade & Heat head coach Erik Spolestra have 3rd quarter confrontation [video]

The Heat are down 2-1 to the Indiana Pacers. During the third quarter of the Heat’s eventual loss in game 3 (94-75), DWade missed a jump shot, and the Pacers, George Hill – whose rather cute but, I digress- converted it a lay-up. When the Heat returned to the bench, DWade and head coach Erick Spolestra appeared to have “angry words”


Hmmmm pressure has been known to bust pipes. The injury to Chris Bosh shows just how valuable he is to the Heat. Dwyane Wade is struggling on the court; Lebron has got to be feeling like he’s back in Cleveland right now and it all falls on him.

Both Spolestra and Wade downplayed the incident in postgame. The Heat canceled Friday’s practice.

But even with a built in excuse, if the Heat don’t win it all. How much longer will the “big 3” remain intact.