Dwight Howard’s Bad Day At Staples Center; Ejected, Cursed Out and Challenged [Video]


Dwight Howard had a rough day at Staples Center on Sunday during Clippers vs. Rockets, in Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Semi-Finals.  Dwight not only fouled out of the blow out loss, he was also ejected from the game after receiving his second technical foul of the night.

There was that altercation with Clippers’ forward Matt Barnes, that resulted in Barnes saying, “F**k you b**ch” to Howard


Dwight also made contact with a ref.


One person that was on Dwight’s side, Chris Paul. He plead with the refs not to throw Dwight out for a flagrant… But he was ejected later anyway after getting his sixth foul, for throwing the ball at the ref.

I’m sure it was just frustration because the Rockets were being smashed by 29 at that point. Dwight also challenged a fan that was popping off, to step out on the court.

I’m sure Kobe was at home beaming:

Let me put this on the record again, for anyone who might have missed it; I’m a fan of both the Lakers, and the Clippers. Looks like Dwight Howard will never prosper in Staples Center.

The Clippers beat the brakes off of the Rockets. They also are the first team since the 01 Lakers to beat a team by 25 plus points in back-to-back games. Clippers up 3-1, as the series heads back to Houston. The Clippers are on the verge of making their first Western Conference Finals in the team’s history.