Don Nelson Out As Warriors Coach

Even though the new ownership group of the Golden State Warriors hasn’t officially taken over yet. They’ve already started to make adjustments to the franchise. While it’s being said that Don Nelson has retired (taking his $6 million dollar salary to Hawaii with him)

the new group headed by Joe Lacob wanted to head in a different direction.  Excellent decision as it’s been obvious for years that “Nellie” really isn’t interested in coaching anymore and clearly the team as a whole didn’t appear to be  enthralled with him as a coach either.

Golden State Warriors Coach Keith Smart

Keith Smart will be Nelson’s replacement getting a bump up from his assistant role. He’s been with the team long enough to have a feel for the young core that make up t (and develop relationships) but he’s raw and will bring in new look at the up and down style the Warriors have been fond of the last few years. Smart is said to be a big defense guy (something that didn’t seem to exist with Nellie) Plus, being that this is his 1st job as the #1 guy, his salary probably isn’t astronomical so if it doesn’t work, they can put him back in his old role or let him move on to greener pastures without hitting the wallet to hard.

Training camp opens Monday! I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited, the NBA season has returned!