Does Carmelo Anthony Wants Tom Thibodeau To Coach The Knicks?

Once again the New York Knicks are missing from the NBA playoffs. Many believe that the upcoming offseason could see the departure of both President Phil Jackson and Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

But could Melo be getting cold feet? Back in 2014 Carmelo Anthony considered playing for the Bulls and then coach Tom Thibodeau. In 2016, if Melo gets his way, he might still get that chance to play for Thibs. According to NY Daily News, Melo really wants Thibs on the sidelines at MSG next season.

Phil Jackson is reportedly more inclined to let triangle disciple Kurt Rambis retain the coach’s chair, despite his performance this season after Derek Fisher was fired. But what if the rumors are true and Phil ends up back in LA with his fiancée Jeanie Buss?

Knicks owner James Dolan would have to overrule Jackson should he stay with the team in order to bring on a coach like Thibs, Mark Jackson or even Jeff Van Gundy. Phil seems bent on keeping the triangle active even though it hasn’t worked in New York, or for teams that don’t have Michael Jordan or Kobe.

Melo’s shot at a championship is rapidly winding down. Do you think he sticks it out with the Knicks or drops his no-trade clause?