Doc Rivers and Glen Davis Exchange Words On Clippers Bench


Clippers coach Doc Rivers and Glen “Big Baby” Davis had an exchange of words on the bench during Saturday’s match up against the Houston Rockets. The altercation took place early in the second quarter and the end result was Davis being sent to the locker room for the remainder of the game.

After Rivers had pulled Davis early in the second quarter, Davis yelled something at Rivers, who in turn yelled, “Sit your big … down.” A few seconds later associate head coach Alvin Gentry went to talk to Davis, but Rivers then told the team’s security personnel to escort Davis to the locker room.

Following the game, Doc Rivers said it was nothing that had been building, that he felt Baby was emotional so he sent to the locker room.

“Nothing went on with me,” Rivers said after the game. “I thought Baby was just too emotional, and for me, if you’re too emotional I always send you back to the locker room and keep you back there until the next game. I love Baby. I just didn’t think emotionally he was ready to play tonight, so we told him to go to the locker room.”

Even though they were short handed, Clippers win 118-107