Derrick Rose back to Dunking in Bulls’ Practice


 Jim Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that Bulls’  guard Derrick Rose is back to dunking and shooting jumpers in what is described as “predictable contact” in the Bulls’ most recent practices.  Basically, if Rose decides he wants to drive and go in for a dunk or layup, everyone just moves out of the way and lets him have at the rim.  Rookie Jimmy Butler said to reporters that he’s been impressed what what Rose has done in the last few days.

We definitely don’t want to get him hurt again, so if he’s going to the cup, let him go. Open jumper, contest it, but don’t let him come down any wrong way.  It’s just great to see him out there jumping and shooting jumpers, moving the way he does.  If he comes back and has a start like [Vikings running back] Adrian Peterson did, man, that’s crazy.  I see a few flushed here and there, nothing over the top.  He still has it in him, that’s for sure.

It’s looking better by the week for Derrick Rose’s eventual return to the court.  With Knicks’ guard Iman Shumpert being cleared for full contact, one would assume that Rose isn’t too far way given their ACLs were torn on the same day.  Of couse everyone heals differently and Rose is the franchise player for the Bulls’, so understandably they would be more careful with his comeback