Derek Fisher tribute video during Lakers vs. Thunder [video]

Derek Fisher returned to Staples Center Thursday night for the first time as a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Fish of course was a part of 5 Laker Championships, drafted to the team in 1996 along with Kobe. He was traded to the Rockets for Jordan Hill, waived and signed with the Thunder two weeks ago.

The Lakers put together a tribute video which was shown last night. Fish also received a standing ovation.

It felt sort of surreal when Fish entered the game last night as a member of the Thunder. Yes, Fish left via free agency a few years ago and signed with the Golden State Warriors. He also played for the Jazz but THIS feels different.

On a random side note. How ironic that another former Laker was on my ticket last night.

Somehow I doubt LO will ever get a video montage of thanks. Then again, DFish has obviously contributed a little more to the Lakers legacy.

Thunder take this one. 102-93. It’s their fifth win in a row. The Thunder and Heat are on a crash course for the finals.


video via I am a GM photo via LA Times