Derek Fisher expected to sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder

If my prediction holds up, and of course I believe in myself, the Western Conference finals will feature the Lakers going up against the OKC Thunder. And, if that happens, the thought that Derek Fisher could be signing there is HUGE!!

It’s being reported that the veteran guard was spotted at  Will Rogers World Airport – That’s in Oklahoma City-  this morning with Thunder GM Sam Presti and other members of the Thunder front office. It’s not unheard of for a free agent from the Lakers to sign up with one of their biggest foes. Robert Horry did it when he signed with the Spurs during the Shaq-Kobe era in Los Angeles.

I’ve been a fan of the Thunder for years- I have receipts, check the archives. But it still stings ever so slightly. Having said that. I do think that it could be a good landing spot for Fisher. Especially his presence in the Locker room. DFish has 5 rings and we know the Thunder has the talent to make it to the finals. This is when experience becomes invaluable.


It’s official, DFish has signed on with the Thunder and will be in uniform when they face off against the Clippers Wednesday night. Fish released a statement thanking the fans and his Laker teammates. Selectively omitted, the Lakers organization and the front office. Fish said, LA will continue to be his home, where his business are located and in his heart but basketball will be played elsewhere. Doesn’t sound like he’ll be thinking of returning in the off season…