DeAndre Jordan Spurs Mavs To Re-Up With Clippers

As expected, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is not happy with the way things went down on Wednesday with newly minted Clippers big man DeAndre Jordan.

Jordan had originally agreed to sign a four-year-$80 million deal with the Mavs last week, but on Monday reportedly started getting cold feet. That’s when Clippers head coach Doc Rivers sprang into operation “Get Bae Back” mode. Rivers along with Clips owner Steve Ballmer and several players descended on Jordan’s hometown of Houston to convince him to come home.

After an evening of emotions, with CP3 reportedly expressing that he didn’t know DeAndre felt slighted by him, and promises to run more plays for the big man, the rest of the time was spent playing NBA2K and cards before DeAndre signed a four-year-$88 million contract.

Paul Pierce – who recently just committed to the franchise also – took a photo of DJ signing his new deal.

Blake Griffin had a little fun with his followers on Twitter posting these photos in response to the rumors that the Clippers were holding DeAndre hostage, not allowing the Mavs or his agent, Dan Fegan, near the house.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Chriss Broussard tweeted out several updated Wednesday night, but one in particular drew the anger of Mavs owner Mark Cuban and his brother Brian. DeAndre was reportedly ignoring Cuban’s phone calls – his agent’s too – while the Clippers brotherhood afternoon went on.

Cuban also shared a message with Mavs fans on his cyber dust app.