David Stern To Cancel Start Of NBA Regular Season October 10th

Negotiations between the NBA and it’s union reached a stalemate on Tuesday. Commissioner David Stern has announced the cancellation of the remainder of preseason and on Monday the plan is to start canceling regular season games. Today’s meeting was attended by Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett and Amar’e Stoudemire, Paul Pierce and Ben Gordon

If you believe Union Representative, Billy Hunter, the owners moved up 1 point to 47% from their original 46% BRI offer to the union.  The players have offered up 53%. Down 4 points from the current 57%.

The owners claimed a lost of $300 Million this year. The players are offering back $200 million, seems fair that they not shoulder the entire financial burden when the owners put themselves in this position to begin with.

In his press conference, Stern claimed the owners offered a 50-50 split, which the union turned down. The tricky part of that statement is that the 100% the owners are referring to isn’t the complete BRI picture.  Hunter claims that offer includes expenses.

Think of it this way, if I but a foot long Subway sandwich. I save half for later but offer you half of my six inch (hmmmm I think there’s an in appropriate joke in there but, moving on) what you end up with, is a 3 inch sandwich.

The Union plans on setting up workout centers for players. Some locations being looked at include Los Angeles, Houston, Miami and Las Vegas. I guess you have to keep them entertained right? Even though a lot of agents already provide that service to their players. Los Angeles and Las Vegas seem to be the most popular choices. Probably due to the number of agents located on the west coast.

Look for the agents to push even harder for decertification of the union.