Darren Sharper update; New investigation in Miami plus new conditions for bail


The trail of alleged victims has gotten longer for former NFL network analyst Darren Sharper.  A woman in Miami claims Sharper assaulted her last September. Her story is similar to others, she and some friends met Sharper at a Miami nightclub in 2012, they drank, they went back to his condo. The woman went to the police on January 19th – when details were released of his charges in Los Angeles – after seeing his photo on TV.

The judge Sharper’s two Los Angeles case – the only ones where he as actually been charged – has upped his bail to $1 million and also gave additional conditions:

— Sharper is to remain in L.A. County
— Sharper was ordered to surrender his passport
— Sharper must stay away from nightclubs or bars or any other establishments where alcohol is the primary item for sale.
— Sharper may NOT be alone with any female he did not know prior to October 30, 2013.

That’s seven women in four states that have accused the former NFL star of sexual assault.

Meanwhile, Sharper’s lawyer, Blair Berk, filed documents claiming LA’s DA has begun a “Trial by Twitter Feed” against Sharper.

they’ve “embarked on an orchestrated press campaign, through it’s paid publicists, to smear Mr. Sharper in the media.”

Berk says the D.A. has “intentionally [distributed] highly inflammatory and prejudicial, false, misleading and/or un-adjudicated evidence in this case, clearly intended to destroy Mr. Sharper’s presumption of innocence and ability to get a fair trial without even a shred of evidence having ever been properly been admitted in a court of law.”

Sharper is next due in court on April 15th.