Courtside Lakers Seat; Who Sits Where

How many times have you watched a Laker game and wondered who those “non-celebs” were that are sitting court side. With an average price of around $2750 per ticket, you have to be dealing with major discretionary income to be in possession of those bad boys.

The Hollywood Reporter put together this nifty map along with the background info on some of these lucky season ticket holders:

Irving Azoff (2)
The Ticketmaster CEO has two floor seats

Vanessa Bryant

Mrs. Kobe Bean sits right behind the Lakers bench. Don’t try anything slick ladies, she sees you! How do you think she end up by his side as soon as the game is over.

Ari Emanuel (4)
The head of William Morris Endeavor sublets four courtside seats next to the Lakers’ bench. Emanuel will occasionally give his seats to agency clients. Makes sense considering they have a sports agent component also. Kills 2 birds with one stone… well 4 but whatever

Jimmy Iovine (4)
The Interscope chairman shares his four courtside seats with many of his artists including Jay-Z, Usher and T.I. (particularly after concerts and shows at the arena’s neighboring venue, the Nokia Theatre).

Steven Jackson (8)
Known as “King of the Courtside,” Jackson owns an unprecedented eight chairs, more than any other ticket holder. The CEO of ACI International — a footwear manufacturer that inked a deal during the late 1990s with then-Laker Shaquille O’Neal — can be seen at most home games, joined by his family.

Khloe Kardashian (2)
Even being married to a player can’t get her courtside. She’s in Section 105, Row 1.

Patrick Soon-Shiong (4)
In October, Magic Johnson sold his share of the team to the biotech billionaire; the Los Angeles Business Journal estimated that Johnson owned about 5 percent, putting the price tag at about $30 million. It’s rumored that Soon-Shiong received Johnson’s courtside tickets as part of the deal.