Carlos Boozer’s Former Mistress Spills The Details

What happened to discretion? It seems like these days the best part of a secret is revealing it to the world, even when know one was searching for the information.

Bachelor contestant Michelle Money has revealed details of her affair with Chicago Bulls’ star Carlos Boozer.

I’ve never watched a single episode of The Bachelor but she’s supposed to be a “troublemaker” on the show. Of course Michelle Money (wait, how great is it that her REAL last name is Money) is an aspiring actress. Not to stereotype but, Reality show [check], “actress” [check], giving an exclusive on a topic nobody was worried about… I’d say add all that up and you’ve got yourself an attention whore.

Hope it works out for you. And I hope you sent your sincere apology to Cece (Carlos’ Ex-wife) BEFORE you decided to bare your soul in Life & Style