Clippers roll past Lakers; Blake Griffin switches from finger roll to dunk mid-air [video]


The fourth and final “Battle of LA” took place for this season between the Clippers and the Lakers. The Clippers are accustomed to being on the losing end of that equation but this season was completely different. For the first time in Lakers-Clippers history, Lob City swept the Lakers 4-0 this season. That’s not even the cherry on the Staples Center hallway rivalry, the Clippers also clinched their first division title, winning the Pacific.

As per usual, Blake Griffin had an amazing dunk in the match up. lake decides midway through the play that he wants to switch it up from a finger roll to a dunk. Check that out:


He also had a nice put-back dunk and hit a 3 pointer as a dagger:


It was that sort of day for the Lakers who came out strong in the first half but simply couldn’t keep up with the waves the Clippers were sending. A deep bench can do that to an old team. Former Laker Matt Barnes put on a nice performance as well. And lastly, the Lakers are back out of the playoffs with the Utah Jazz winning Sunday night at Golden State.


video via NBA

photos via @LAClippers