Clippers put 1 year veteran’s minimum offer out to Lamar Odom

photo via LA Times

photo via LA Times

Lamar Odom is having an interesting week. First let’s start with the positive, Odom has been offered a one-year, Veteran’s minimum deal ($1.4 million) to re-sign with the Clippers. Initially the clippers were looking at Antwan Jamison but when Doc Rivers heard about Lamar Odom’s locker room influence he wanted him back.

LO also won’t be prosecuted for that paparazzi attack last month. Lamar flipped out on a Hollywood street last month and destroyed the camera man’s property after the guy allegedly asked Lamar if the rumors of him cheating on Khloe were true.

Odom has agreed to pay for breaking the snapper’s gear in the July 10 rampage.  So we’re told the City Attorney will hold an office hearing — an alternative to a prosecution — in which Lamar and the photog will have a chit chat with the hearing officer about rights and responsibilities … and that’s about it.

And while that’s happening, the woman who claimed to have had a six-week relationship with LO that ended when Khloe came busting into the hotel room where she and Lamar were ummm… chilling, also claims that she took and passed a lie detector test: