Clippers Dump Shooting Shirts At Center Court Displaying Plain Red Tees As Show Of Solidarity [Video]


The Clippers showed up for Game 4 against the Golden State Warriors with more than the game on their mind. After the explosive audio of Donald Sterling sharing racist views regarding blacks and other minorities surfaced, the Clippers’ players were faced with a difficult decision. How do they respond. All of the hard work that they’ve put in to reach this point, should that be forgotten or overlooked because in theory it was on behalf of a racist?

There were calls for the players to protest by not playing. The team moved forward as a unit, displaying several symbolic gestures to show that they are not ok with Sterling’s comments.  They walked on the court, pulled off their warm ups, dumped them at center court to reveal red shirts with no logo.



Chris Paul told ESPN sideline reporter Chris Paul that they considered not playing, but decided against it. But whatever move they made was a decision reached as a unit. They also are wearing jerseys that have Los Angeles on the front, not Clippers. Plus black socks and arm bands. Doc Rivers is sporting a black tie. Personally, I’m extremely proud of each of those guys.


video via CJ Zero
photos via ArashMarkazi