Chris Paul planned to sign with the Houston Rockets if the Clippers didn’t land Doc Rivers as head coach


Remember those rumors about Chris Paul and Dwight Howard talking about teaming up somewhere next NBA season? Apparently that was closer to happening then one might think. Per ESPN’s Bill Simmons, Chris Paul informed the Clippers he was planning on signing with the Houston Rockets after talks broke down between the Clippers and Doc Rivers.

The Clippers ended negotiations with the Boston Celtics over the compensation they would send in exchange for Rivers. The Clippers eventually came back to the table  and worked out a deal to send a future first round pick to the Celtics. Paul agreed a few days later to a $107 million new contract with the Clippers.

The interesting thing about this story, Free agency technically began for the NBA on July 1st. Doc was signed, sealed and delivered to the Clippers on June 25th. So much for those talks not starting until July 1st and Dwight ever really considering any team but the Rockets…