Charles Barkley says Michael Jordan cursed him out for saying he had too many “yes men”

Charles Barkley is a very candid guy, even when the subject is about one of his close friends. Barkley was extremely candid when asked to evaluate Michael Jordan as an owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Apparently Jordan took offense to Chuck saying MJ keeps yes people around him and gave Barkley the business in a phone conversation.

“I thought my name was S.O.B and M.F., like damn, I couldn’t even say anything. I said, ‘Dude I can’t get on the radio and tell people you been doin’ a good job.’”

“He’s relying on our friendship and I said, ‘Dude, I love you, you one of my best friends, period. You been there for me, I been there for you but.’ I think he got mad; he surrounded himself with people. One of the really difficult things about being famous, all your friends, you’re paying all the bills, they’re flying around on your private jet, very few of your friends are ever gonna disagree with you. And I think that’s the thing he got most mad about, ’cause I mean his record speaks for itself and I wanna see Michael do well, but I think that was actually an example when he thinks you’re supposed to be with him no matter what. But dude, you gotta get better people to wear on you if you’re gonna be successful. … You gotta have friends around you who [are] not afraid to say, ‘Oh that guy can’t play.’ And we’re cool now.”

“I think Michael’s one of those people, he has to calm down … because in the long run, I was right. He’s got to hire people around him to help him make better basketball decisions. Ya know, ’cause I wanna see Michael do well. Nobody wants to see Michael — I hate when I’m watching T.V. and guys are killing him, I hate that to be honest with you — but I wanna see him do well. Nobody wants to see Michael do well more than me.”

Those are the type of friends you need in life. And he has a valid point, no way Mike could look at his track record as an executive and team owner and not feel like there were areas where he was lacking.