Celtics Rajon Rondo bumps a ref and gets ejected [video]

Rajon Rondo has been known to have a bit of a temper. The question is, was this bump of a ref during the final seconds of the Hawks vs. Celtics playoff game intentional because he lost his cool, or did he trip and accidentally fall into the ref Marc Davis?

I’d believe it was an accident if his chest hadn’t poked out. He will absolutely be lost for a game or two. With the Hawks surprising the Celtics coming out the gate ready. How will Rondo’s chances effect the Celts chances of getting out of the first round.


Celtics President Danny Ainge announced that Rondo has been suspended for game 2 of the Hawks vs. Celtics playoff series. David Stern didn’t buy that “tripping” excuse either.

With Rondo out a game, who on the Celtics is going to step up? KG or Paul, would seem to be the obvious choices but KG looked bad in game 1.