Cavs fan runs on court wearing “Kyrie don’t leave” shirt [video]


Some Cleveland Cavaliers fans must be suffering from basketball’s version of separation anxiety. During Saturday’s game between the Cavs and the Clippers, a fan ran onto the court wearing a shirt that said “Kyrie don’t leave”

The fan then began to walk down the court in Irving’s direction as Chris Paul was dribbling the ball before the game was finally stopped at the 3:02 mark. Referee Gary Zielinski grabbed the fan before security ran onto the court and physically removed him as he tried to get away.

The Cavaliers confirmed the fan, who is a minor, was in custody and removed from the arena.

Last season, when the Cavaliers were playing the Miami Heat, a fan ran onto the court during the fourth quarter with a shirt that read “We Miss You” on the front and “LeBron 2014” on the back.

That’s a lot of pressure to put on Kyrie. Last summer another young fan asked him if he was going to leave like LeBron did. It’s a business, but Cavs fans are still hurting.


video via CJ Zero