Cavs DIon Waiters denies he was missing from bench because of Muslim faith


The Cleveland Cavaliers obviously have some issues. Some of these situations are a continuance of things that popped up in previous seasons. While others are just general bumps in the road that come with some many new components. Right now the interesting scenario to watch in one involving guard Dion Waiters.

Earlier this week, Waiters was moved from the starting unit to the bench. The game that this move took place was Wednesday against the Utah Jazz. Waiters was conspicuously absent during introductions and the National anthem. Immediately there was speculation that Dion was angry about the move. Then a report came out which claimed that Dion’s absence was because of his Muslim faith.

Waiters informed Northeast Ohio Media Group that he is a Muslim and that he plans to excuse himself prior to the national anthem from here on out.

“It’s because of my religion,” Waiters told NEOMG. “That’s why I stayed in the locker room.”

Waiters says he is rededicating himself more to his Muslim faith. He appears to be in a happier state.

Fine, that’s not the first time that something like that has happened. But then Friday night, Waiters seemed to have a reversal on that decision, and was out with the team during the National anthem and player introductions in Denver.

Confused? Waiters took to Twitter early Saturday morning to say that the reports about his religious beliefs were a lie.

Truth is often times stranger than fiction. So either A. Dion said that to the reporter being sarcastic because he really WAS mad about the role change, or B. someone’s lying.

This is what you signed up for LeBron. New day, new challenge. I wonder if LeBron’s leadership style will be critiqued as hard as KObe’s.