Carmelo Anthony Says if Phil Jackson & Knicks Don’t Want Him Then it’s Time to Talk

The New York Knicks were expected to perform well this season after adding Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Brandon Jennings and Courtney Lee to pair up with Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony.  Things instead have not gone well, and their 116-101 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Sunday brought them down to a 18-23 record so far this season.  Carmelo Anthony, as he previously noted, has been taking the brunt of the blame and there have been reports that he should be traded.  Up until yesterday, most reports claimed Anthony was unwilling to waive the no-trade clause in his contract, but Sunday night he made a stunning declaration.

Carmelo Anthony reacted angrily to a story written by a Phil Jackson confidante that suggested his time with the Knicks should end.  In the online piece for FanRag, Charley Rosen, a long-time writer and former assistant coach under Jackson, wrote: “The only sure thing is that Carmelo Anthony has outlived his usefulness in New York.”

When asked to respond to that particular line in the article, Anthony said: “If that’s the case then that’s what’s coming from that side I guess it’s a conversation we should have. If they feel like my time in New York is over I guess that’s a conversation we should have.”

According to the New York Daily News, Anthony was informed twice during the post-game interview that the article was not written by Jackson, but instead a close friend.  Anthony, however, connected the dots and suggested it was more than a coincidence the writer has a relationship with the Knicks team president.

“Listen,” Anthony said, “if that’s what they feel…if that’s what’s coming from that side that’s what’s coming from that side. I haven’t thought once about that to be honest with you. I hear it. I hear all the rhetoric that’s going on out there and I still come to work every day and play and bust my ass and try not to worry about it.”

“I think I posted that (on Instagram) the other day,” Anthony said. “When we lose it’s me, when we win it’s us. That’s just my mentality and how I feel. It is what it is.”

When a reporter told Anthony about the increasing speculation among fans and media that he would waive his no-trade clause, Anthony replied: “They want me out?

“I’ve never even thought about that,” he added. “I guess people are talking about it but it’s not something I’ve thought about so far.”

“People can have their own opinions but I haven’t mentioned it once,” he said. “But that seems to be the trend when you start losing, people want to start searching.”