Carmelo Anthony doesn’t have the juice and Amaré Stoudemire rocks faux fashion [photos]

Social media can be ruthless. Twitter and Instagram went in on two of your favorite New York Knicks this week. First up, Carmelo Anthony. During the All-Star game on Sunday, someone thought it would be hilarious to point out that Melo really doesn’t have much to show off on his warm up like other players- :cough: Lebron and Kobe :cough:


Even young Kyrie Irving’s warm up had more patches than Melo and He’s been in the L eight years longer than “Uncle Drew.”


Next up, Amaré Stoudemire shared a photo of he and his wife returning to New York via private jet after taking a vacation for the weekend. Now if you’re into fashion (labels) you’ll notice that Amaré is rocking a “Polo Association” hat, not Polo by Ralph Lauren… As Kanye would say, “It ain’t RALPH THO!


You know he deleted this photo right! But screen shots last forever.