Byron Scott Is The New head Coach of The Lakers



The Los Angeles Lakers finally have a new coach, former Lakers star Byron Scott. Scott has reportedly signed on for a four-year,$17 million deal. Scott was a member of the “Showtime: era Lakers and won three titles with Magic Johnson. Let’s also not forget he’s from Inglewood, ca. and was my neighbor when I was a kid and he played for the Lakers – bonus info for the win! More important than that, Scott has Kobe Bryant’s endorsement.


As far as head coaching, Scott took the New Jersey Nets to the finals, and also was the head coach for the New Orleans Hornets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Most recently he was providing basketball analysis for the Lakers Time-Warner Cable channel. This is the Lakers third head coaching hire since Phil Jackson moved on in 2011. Ironically enough, Scott’s last coaching gig was with Cleveland, where he was replaced by former Lakers/Cavs coach Mike Brown.

There’s so many circles in this equation

I think the Lakers will be competitive this upcoming season. Although the team didn’t make a splash in free agency – ok, they didn’t even drizzle – I still have faith that Lakers greatness can be restored.