Bulls star Derrick Rose medically cleared to return to the court


Coming back from injury is a delicate thing. Even if a doctor has medically clearled you, getting beyond the mental hurdle that can develop with some injuries is huge. Being able to trust your body and have that confidence is all apart of rehab. Everyone became excited a few weeks ago when footage was shown of Derrick Rose dunking in pregame warm ups off his right foot. That’s all fine and well but it was DRose’s left knee that he had surgery on. Turns out, even though Rose has been medically cleared to play, he’s still not ready to dunk off of his left leg. And until that happens, he’s not returning to the hardwood.

Derrick Rose’s doctor has cleared the Chicago Bulls’ star to play, a team source said, but his long-awaited return to the lineup won’t occur until he can confidently dunk off his left foot, Rose has told the team.

Rose, who had surgery to repair a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on May 12, has been videotaped dunking off each foot, but more casually than he would during a game. A source said that although he has been practicing and scrimmaging hard, he told the Bulls that until he feels “in his mind” he can confidently dunk off his left foot in a game situation, he is not 100 percent mentally ready to return to competition.


The Bulls aren’t pressuring Rose to come back before he’s ready but I’m sure this bit of information will get fans all fired up. Players know their bodies. Playing too soon can cause further set backs. As competitive as DRose is, I’m not sure why anyone would question his desire to be back on the floor with his teammates when the time is right.