Britney Griner attacked and cut by man in China


Most WNBA players head overseas in their offseason to play and get real money – the WNBA pays a lot less than what the ladies make playing internationally. On Monday in China, Phoenix Mercury all-star Britney Griner was the victim of a street attack.

Britney’s agent, Lindsay Kagawa Colas confirmed the attack Tuesday, and Britney provided details via her Instagram account.

Colas said Griner was attacked and cut by a man with a knife while trying to board the team bus after practice on Monday.

Here is how Griner described the incident on her Instagram page.

“First let me say I’m ok!!!! But last night me and 3 my teammates got chase and attack by a man with a big ass knife got a little scratch and my teammates walk away unharmed! He chase us into our bus and had us corned yelling at us then he finally left! Ugh lets just say I’m ready to get out this city we are visiting! Life can be took at any moment! Cherish every moment! AGAIN IM OK! Thank you to everyone that has been checking on me!”