Bobby Portis And Larry Nance Jr’s Old Tweets About Their New Teams Unearthed


You always hear the warnings, watch what you put on social media. But everyone goes through moments when they feel free to express their inner thoughts with thousands of followers.

Two NBA draft picks are learning the hard way that old tweets can come back to haunt you.


First up, Larry Nance Jr. was selected 27th by the Los Angeles Lakers in Thursday night’s NBA draft. Someone immediately went through Nance’s tweets, and dug up this Kobe reference from 2012 where Nance mentioned Kobe’s sexual assault case.

Larry-Nance-Jr-Kobe-Tweet copy

Yikes. Nance overcame Crohn’s Disease when he was younger. His father, Larry Nance Sr. is a former NBA player who spent time with the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Bobby Portis was selected 22nd by the Chicago Bulls. Yup, you guessed it, old tweets strike again. Portis was pro-Heat in 2011, his feelings at the time where “F**k DRose and the Bulls.”



Things change.

Social media, the gift and the curse. if you’re going to be a public figure, you should get into the habit of deleting old tweets frequently. The streets are ruthless. And kudos to whoever is on Bobby Portis’ PR team, they acted swiftly.