Blazers Find Rattlesnake In Locker Room Before Game 2 [Photo]


While the Portland Trailblazers were reading for their game 2 match up against the Spurs, Forward Thomas Robinson discovered an uninvited guest in his locker chilling. A rattle snake.

“Man, me and Thomas at our lockers as usual,” explained Trail Blazers guard Will Barton. “We’re changing and he goes to put his shoes down and he’s like ‘What the …?’ You know what he said. He’s like ‘There’s a snake under my locker dog!’ And I’m like ‘Stop playing.’ He’s like ‘No for real! A real snake!’ And we just looked under there and there was a snake. I was scared!”

“I just put my shoes down and once I put my shoes down I double looked and I seen a snake sitting there,” said Robinson. “After that, I got away from it. I just seen something curled up and I looked again and it was a snake. No one believed me until they looked in there. It hissed, I backed up.”

Once Robinson was able to convince his teammates that there was in fact a venomous snake taking up space in his locker, arena security snapped into action, trapping the snake by the head and removing the uninvited serpent with the help of a trash can.

Maybe Spurs’ Danny Green was trying to get a psychological edge. Or he lost one of his friends. Green has an affinity for snakes.