Blake Griffin & Zach Randolph get tangled up [video]


The Grizzlies found their groove and rattled off four straight wins against the Los Angeles Clippers. The two teams faced off against each other for seven games last season in the playoffs and resumed the rivalry this season. The series was extremely physical – this is where the Clippers miss not having Reggie Evans and Kenyon Martin – even to the point that Blake Griffin and Zach Randolph got tangled up late in the fourth quarter.



Remember Zach said Blake needed to put on his big boy pants and play with the high ankle sprain… Did you see Zach cup Blake’s throat? I guess the rivalry is real now. Oh did I mention Zach eventually got ejected? You know Joey Crawford doesn’t play.



Next up for the Grizzlies, The reigning Western Conference Champion Oklahoma City Thunder.

video via BTB