Blake Griffin To DeAndre Jordan Lob During Clippers vs. Lakers [Video]

Lob City is in full effect! The Lakers and Clippers played Wednesday night for their final pre-season game. Kobe missed the game, he has a torn ligament in his wrist from the play on Monday where DeAndre Jordan blocked his shot and Mamba fell to the court. ::awww Kobe, SAD FACE, December will get better:::

The Clippers completed the sweep of both pre-season games. I know it’s “just pre-season” but one thing I can assure you, when the Clippers play, except a play of two from their games to make the top 10 highlights. To get you excited for that, check out this LOB from Blake Griffin to DeAndre Jordan

Bright spot for the Lakers, Andrew Bynum was absolutely BEASTY in this game. Let’s hope he hangs on to that during his 5 game suspension.

Kobe is listed as day to day because of that wrist injury but I can’t see him not playing on opening day- That’s CHRISTMAS- against the Bulls. One more thing, is it me or was Kobe looking extra delectable last night? I’m just saying.

Video via jose 3030