Blake Griffin is working on his shooting this summer

photo via Getty

Blake Griffin hasn’t just been in rehab this summer, the Clippers All-Star has also been in the gym working on his jump shot and free throws. Most of the knocks about Griffin’s game come from his terrible free throw percentage and lack of a jump shot.

“I hired a shooting coach. I work with him every single day. Yea (his old shooting form was) kind of a fadeaway or a push-arm shot. Or bring it behind my head—slightly. Like if you watched me shoot you wouldn’t be like, ‘That’s a terrible shot.’ It was decent, I guess. But now I’ve just kind of streamlined it.

If Blake Griffin gets his outside shot going, with CP3 at the point, how much of a threat do the Clippers become in the West? Hope DeAndre Jordan has been working on staying out of foul trouble. Dwight Howard four times a year… Yikes.

In the mean time, Blake is on vacation in Mexico with his new-old Boo, Bethany Gerber. The two dated in college.

How cute, he’s all engrossed in the magazine she’s reading.

photos via IFWT