Blake Griffin and Trevor Booker have a little squirmish during Clippers vs. Jazz [Video]


Clippers star Blake Griffin had a reputation around the league as being soft, and all dunks no real offense. That was before Doc Rivers came on board as the head coach. Griffin has not only improved his outside shooting, he’s also developed some toughness.

That edge was on display Friday night at Staples Center as the clips faced off against the Utah Jazz. During the third quarter, Griffin and Jazz’s Trevor Booker got into an altercation after Booker hit Griffin across the face on a dunk attempt. Griffin responded by grabbing the back of Booker’s head and balling up his fist as if he was about to rock Booker’s world.

After the game, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said Griffin “gets hit with more cheap shots than anybody in the League,” and Chris Paul praised BG for his patience despite the hard fouls he receives.

10 more days until the NBA regular season kicks off.