Best Game 5 Moments: Spurs vs. Heat [Video]


I said at the top of the season that the Miami Heat would not three peat and win the NBA finals.  NO, I didn’t expect the Spurs to harbor last seasons loss and make it their mission to dismantle the big 3. But I knew the West would stop the Heat. The Spurs took down the former back-to-back champs four games to one, winning by the largest margin of victory in NBA Finals history.


Lebron James will never be celebrated for his moving pregame speeches. It’s just not his forte.

You sort of knew it was a bad omen with Ray Allen starting in place of Mario Chalmers. Chalmers because, Ray is neither young, or quick.  This also means your bench is left with what, Chalmers and Norris Cole.

Beasley was active, but we know defense isn’t what he’s known for. I wonder if Heat head coach Erik Spolestra feels like he should have activated him sooner to get some scoring.


Tim Duncan has won an NBA title in each of the last 3 decades. The first of which was of course in the 1999 shortened NBA season. That’s the championship Phil Jackson put an “asterisk” on. Duncan was the MVP of that series at making him the youngest until last night, when his teammate Kawhi Leonard joined him as one of the three youngest players to ever receive a finals MVP nod. The other player is Magic Johnson.


As a Lakers – and Clippers – fan, I do feel a certain way about the Spurs and Tim winning their 5th title of the last 15 years. The Spurs big three of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli, with Coach pop at the helm, have won four NBA titles together. They are the first set of teammates to do this since My 80’s Lakers with Magic, Kareem, Michael Cooper & Kurt Rambis.

Tim took a big pay cut so that the Spurs could continue to get younger. Not many of the today’s superstars would have made the same sacrifices that he did. Essentially, the Spurs are the anti-Miami Heat. They are low key, no flash or camera-ready personalities.

The Spurs win through a system, not just buying the best player available. They look for guys that will fit in with the team’s culture. You can see that by the happiness on the faces of former Spurs David Robinson and Avery Johnson. You would’ve thought they were out there on the floor the way celebrated for Duncan and Pop.

Will more teams attempt to add the “extra pass to their offense?” The Spurs are the “team.” Tony Parker said in a postgame interview that Pop has them run drills in practice where they have to pass the ball at least 9 or 10 times. It’s beautiful basketball. But that’s not the only way they’ll beat you. Pop manages all his players time on the court. Nobody plays more than 30 minutes. Players know their role and feel empowered in it.


The Miami Heat went to four straight finals in a row. That’s a lot of basketball. That can’t be understated. Especially the mental and physical toll it takes on the players. LeBron is tired. Let’s not forget the Olympic Gold medal he played for in 2012. DWade is obviously injured. He simply had no lift. Before his August 30th wedding, he should probably hit up Kobe for his German doctor’s info and take care of his knee issue.

The Spurs certainly represent the American dream/melting pot. Only five of the current Spurs players were American born. You could clearly see that shown by the different flags on the podium.


Per ESPN’s Darren Rovel, the Spurs will split a total postseason bonus of $3,751,495. The Heat will split a total postseason bonus of $2,795,220.


Honestly, I blame DJ Khaled for this. The Heat didn’t win after he appeared on “First Take” saying “the streets” told him the Spurs purposely shut down the air conditioner.

This pretty much sums up Game 5


Can’t forget about this either.

Tim Duncan said winning this title makes losing last year ok. He also said this championship means the most to him.



How can you not be happy for a guy that has spent his NBA career doing it the “right way.”


 photos via @NBA, @Jose3030