Back to back, Drew league Dunks: JR Smith to DeMar DeRozan followed by Dorell Wright on John Wall [video]

photo from earlier in the Drew season

Not a lot of focus has been on the local summer leagues that were so popular during last year’s NBA lockout. The Drew league was still the spot in LA this summer for people to check out NBA and professional ball players hit the hardwood for FREE .

Check out this play from Saturday’s playoff action that features two highlights back to back. The teams were rapper The Game’s Money gang vs. Kings of LA.  First up, a dunk by  Raptors DeMar DeRozan with an assist from JR Smith followed up with a dunk from Sixers Dorell Wright on Wizards, John Wall.

Other NBA players featured on The Game’s “Money Gang” team, Knicks JR Smith, Metta World Peace, NBA free agent Terrence Williams, Pacers Paul George to name a few.  Finals are Sunday at 2:00 PM featuring Two-time defending champs LAUNFD vs. Money Gang.


video via @MGrads