Austin Rivers Does James Harden’s Cooking Celebration While Dropping 25 On Rockets [Video]


The Clippers cooked the Houston Rockets Friday night, 124-99 at Staples Center. The unlikely hero of the game, head coach Doc Rivers’ son, Austin. The point guard scored 25 points, 16 of them during a 23-0 run by the Clippers.

Austin enjoyed the moment, even serving up Rockets star’ James Harden’s signature cooking dance.


The Clippers are now up over the Houston Rockets 2-1 lead in this Western Conference semifinals series.

The interesting thing about Doc’s relationship with his son Austin, is that it’s not as close as people expect it to be. Austin said he’s always been the one of his father’s children to “do his own thing.”

“Our relationship has just kind of always been that,” Austin said. “It’s always been coach-player. That’s the way it’s always been. He grew up in Boston. I grew up in Orlando. Every time we talk, it’s always basketball. Now when I came here, it’s kind of been solidified. He’s the coach, I’m the player. He’s hard on me. You ask him, you ask anyone — he’s hard on me, but it’s just because he wants the best out of me.”

Interesting dynamic. How many of you would want your parent as a coach, or boss? I’m guessing not many.

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