Anthony Davis And Damian Lillard Step Into $100 Million Deals In NBA Free Agency


NBA free agency kicked off with bang early Wednesday morning, with the announcement that the New Orleans Pelicans and Anthony Davis had come to terms on a contract extension.

Davis has agreed to a five-year- $145 million deal with the Pelicans.

The Miami Heat have secured at least one of their free agents guards. The Heat and Gorab Dragic have reached an agreement on a max deal of five-years-$90 million according to Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski.



The Portland Trailblazers are also making moves. They kicked off free agency by signing an extension with Damian Lillard, five-years-$120 million. They also signed free agent wing Aminu Al-Farouq to a four year, $30 million deal.


Other buzzings:

Corey Brewer spent most of last season with the Houston Rockets. Brewer is currently being courted by the Rockets, Celtics and Knicks.

Rudy Gay is reportedly trying to convince Rajon Rondo to come to the Sacramento Kings. Rondo’s value is currently down, many feel he quit on the Mavs during the playoffs. Rondo is said to be pursuing a one-year deal to rehab his image, and then cash out with the big TV deal in the summer of 2016.

The comedy that will come from a George Karl, DeMarcus Cousins and Rajon Rondo grouping would be classic.