Andrew Bynum’s doctor told not discuss knee issue, another expert says it’s bad news for 76’ers

More and more it’s looking like the Lakers got out of the Andrew Bynum business at just the right time. Bynum’s return to the hardwood is still being slated for January by the Sixers but recent information suggests that the problem might be deeper than the team and Bynum’s handlers are letting on.

Bynum’s agent, David Lee, reportedly but the kabosh on an interview with “The Courier Post” and Bynum’s Orthopedist, Dr. David W. Altchek because they don’t want details of his knee issues released to the public. Fair enough. In response to that, the paper then reached out to another leading orthopedist – who hasn’t worked with Bynum or the 76’ers – and using information that’s been released got his expert opinion about what’s going on with YOLO Fro’s knees. The outlook wasn’t sunny and 72:

One of the top orthopedic surgeons in America, who is not involved in Bynum’s treatment and has not seen his MRIs, told The Courier-Post Saturday that all of the publicly available information points to a probable diagnosis of osteochondral lesions, a condition that may keep Bynum out for the season. If this is the case, the surgeon said, there is a small chance the condition may heal on its own within four to six months, but that will likely keep Bynum out of action until late March or April, at the earliest. If it doesn’t heal, the 25-year-old Bynum will require surgery that could sideline him for up to a year. He should learn if he needs surgery by as early as December.

Yikes. Bynum is in the last year of a deal and is of course expecting max money next summer. The shaky situation with his knees places the Sixers in a precarious position. If Bynum doesn’t play this season or only plays a limited amount, how comfortable do you feel maxing him out knowing his health history and not having a true sample of how he works within the team structure you currently have in place?

Add to that, an anonymous ex-teammate of Bynum’s recently spoke out claiming that Bynum is the least passionate NBA player he’s ever known. Granted, it’s anonymous but there are lots of incidents that support that . Him preferring to Xen out last season instead of joining huddles, stating that their was a bank in every city so he didn’t care where he played – I actually understood that statement but it wasn’t exactly PC – and his insistence at being a three-point shooting center even though he wasn’t the greatest at it at the very least show he’s temperamental and difficult. Couple that with a sketchy health report and you just have to wonder how much that’s worth on the open market.

But he is the second – or third or fourth if you’re utilizing the Shaq scale – Center in the NBA. A position that’s hard to fill but evolving. So I guess the question is, What mean the world to you?