Andrew Bynum to have minor knee procedure before the season starts

Andrew Bynum is still on schedule to make his debut with the Philadelphia 76’ers when their season kicks off on October 31st. But before that happens, the center is having a minor procedure to get him ready for the season. Per his agent David Lee, the injection to his right knee is the equivalent to the oil lubricant WD-40 on a squeaky door hinge.

Bynum will receive injections of Synvisc-One, or SYNVISC, Lee said.

“The best way I can describe it is it greases up the joint and that’s a good thing,” Lee said. “They did it last year. It’s routine. It’s non-invasive.”

Cause everyone wants to hear their All-Star-franchise-changing Center’s knee compared to a creaky hinge… My only issue with lamenting how “normal” this is, would be the fact that he’s in a completely new situation so nothing can really be deemed “normal” at this point. But theyre’s always hope.