Andrew Bynum Suspended 5 Games For Barea Foul

I haven’t discussed the Mavericks sweep of the Lakers because it’s too painful right. I need time to heal. But we can talk about the 5 game suspension Andrew Bynum received for this foul against JJ Barea on Sunday that got him ejected in the 4th quarter.

Not only will Bynum be out the first 5 games next season (what’s new about that though, at least it’s not to injury right? Always look at the bright side,) he’s also been fined $25,000 for failing to leave the court in a proper manner. The cost in salary for those games, $677,272. Yikes!

It was a childish move on Drew’s part, when Ron Artest is quietly guiding you off the court, you should understand how reckless your actions were. Andrew stated today in his Lakers exit interview that he was sorry for his actions and had attempted to call Barea several times to apologize but hadn’t reached him. He said he’ll continue to call until he does.

Le sigh…