Andrew Bynum says he hasn’t been working out


The Indiana Pacers picked up center Andrew Bynum earlier this week. On Friday Bynum went through his first full practice with the team and spoke at length with media. Bynum was asked if he had been working out during the time since he had been traded from the Cleveland Cavs to the Bulls then waived. His reply, “not really.”

“Really just relaxing at home, that’s it.” But he’s been keeping a workout regimen going, right? “Not really.” He did say he tried to eat right.

This can’t be a surprise to anyone. Bynum is known for his nonchalant attitude towards basketball. It’s a job for him. The Pacers currently hold the top spot in the east and plan to bring the center along slowly. There aren’t even plans for him to take the floor until after the All-Star break. Bynum is for the post season and finals run the Pacers are planning. A big man insurance plan.