Andrew Bynum headed to Germany for knee procedure

Andrew Bynum will be introduced formally to Philly fans this week. Monday it was announced that Bynum is heading to Germany for Orthokine, the same procedure that athletes like Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez had last summer. Bynum has had surgery on both knees though it’s unknown which knee – or if it is in fact both – he’ll have the PRP on.

Bynum has not been complaining of any knee pain so it appears the procedure may be more of a preemptive measure. Reportedly, he was so impressed by the results of Kobe’s procedure last season that he explored the option to prolong his longevity. The platelet-rich plasma therapy is non-invasive.

Keep in mind that Bynum will be a free agent after this season and needs to be impressive in his first year with the Sixers. Yes it’s a given that the team can pay him the most lucrative contract since they’re now the owners of his birdrights, should Bynum not enjoy his Philly experience, he’ll also need to make a great impression on other teams that could be potential landing spots for him as well.

Bynum is coming off of his best year as a pro. He played in 60 of the 66 available games and made the All-Star team for the first time in his career.