Andrew Bynum ejected from Lakers vs. Rockets for taunting [video]

Andrew Bynum is on one this season. Friday night during Lakers vs. Rockets, Andrew received two technicals and was ejected from the game. Check out the play that got him bounced.

Just a few weeks ago, Andrew was ejected during the Lakers vs. Rockets. Clearly this season is serving as some sort of transformation for him. In some ways, I believe that his transformation is earning Kobe’s respect- well when the Lakers don’t lose like they did last night.

“The key is to find the balance,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said. “You don’t want him to lose that edge or lose that rage that he’s playing with. You want him to find a good balance where it doesn’t take him over the top.”

But the real question is how will the Lakers handle this.

Bynum has already been fined an undisclosed amount and things don’t appear to be changing. With the playoffs coming up, Bynum’s focus will be key to the Lakers push.

It’s not a proper NBA season without some sort of soap opera-ish drama for the Lake show, grab your various snacks, this one is just starting to get interesting.

video via Jose3030