Andre Miller vs. Blake Griffin

Andre Miller’s 632 consecutive games played streak has come to an end but not because of injury or coaching decisions. Sunday night when the Blazers played host to the Clippers. Andre and Clippers “rookie” Blake Griffin had a mini shoving match that lasted 2 or 3 plays in the 4th quarter. The Blazers’ point guard was suspend without pay for “making excessive and unnecessary contact” with Blake Griffin.  Andre had this to say regarding the incident and subsequent suspension.

“I took 2 shots and I gave a shot. So I told the ref our there, ‘we can call that even now.’He didn’t make the call and he was looking right at it. So I get suspended for that? I’ll take a flagrant foul. But a suspension? It wasn’t justified at all.” “That shows how soft the league is, the rules don’t apply to everybody.”
“These young guys get treated so well. (Boston forward) Kevin Garnett said the same thing, I don’t know if it was last year or this year, but these young guys get treated like they are proven players. They get treated as if they are All-Stars or All-NBA players already.”

Maybe Andre should’ve just told on Blake to begin with. ::giggles:: that’s probably not the manly way to handle things. What are your thoughts? Was this worth a flagrant 2 foul and suspension? I don’t agree with the ruling.  But I’m a “thug” ::smile that’s funny::

Andre is from Watts. If he really wanted to demonstrate unnecessary contact well…