All Clutch Team: The All-Time Most Clutch Starting 5 for the NBA

Being clutch is about more than making a game winning shot. Being clutch is a mindset. Being clutch is about putting a team on your back and achieving victory by any means necessary. It’s not seen often, but every once in a while, a player comes along who is fearless and can take over any game in which he steps on the floor. We’re going to choose players from all of history create the most clutch starting lineup possible.


Point Guard: Magic Johnson

Johnson was more than just a matchup nightmare who could line up at just about any position. He was one of the most clutch players to ever play the game. Johnson wasn’t always the guy to take the last shot, he was the guy who was trusted to make the right choices with the ball. Johnson would work so well on this fictional team as he would be able to set the rest of his teammates in the final seconds of the game.

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Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan

Jordan is the bar by which the rest are judged. From hitting “the shot” to going 6 for 6 in the NBA Finals, no moment was too big for Air Jordan. Jordan had the ability and desire to put a team on his back and step on the throats of his opponents.


Small Forward: Larry Bird

Larry Legend has had as many memorable moments in big time games as anyone we’ve ever seen. Bird was more than a great end of the game shooter, he also made one of the greatest late game steals anyone has ever seen.


Power Forward: Kevin Durant

Though not necessarily a natural power forward, Durant has shown the ability to play multiple positions. The reason that Durant made this team over other greats like Dirk, is that he is flat out one of the best scorers of our generation. Also Durant possesses shooting range that is nearly unparalleled.


Center: Tim Duncan

The Big Fundamental is on this list because of his ability to make free throws, as well as his ability to stretch the floor more so than most other centers. Though Duncan isn’t a threat to be throwing up 3’s, he is one of the best mid-range jump shooters. Free throws are what sets Duncan apart though, as he is a steady free throw shooter, especially in big moments.

This line up was put together to be the most clutch in NBA history. When the game is on the line, these are the five guys you would want on the court. The only problem with that philosophy is that, if these five guys were ever wearing the same uniform, no teams would ever be close enough for these guys to need to be clutch.

–Mike Hersey